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Directors:  Jonathan Brough/Millen Baird

Screenwriter:  Millen Baird

Genre:  Comedy

​In 2007, I made this TV sketch comedy series with Great Southern TV. It followed the weird

townsfolk of Paua Point and only ran one season, but it was an awesome chance to road

test some new characters.


"Wonderful local comedy.  Witty, relevant and swiftly executed" - The Dominion Post


Directors:  Jonathon Ulrich

Screenwriter:  Millen Baird/Jonathon Ulrich

Genre:  Romance, Comedy

I made this 8 minute pilot with Jon Ulrich from High Five in 2010.  Inspired by 

The Bachelor and before Burning Love, we wanted to see what would happen if 1

girl (Natalie Medlock) searched for love again amongst 13 of her ex- boyfriends.

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 Directors:  Kiel MacNaughton

 Screenwriter:  Millen Baird

 Genre:  Comedy


Inspired by an episode of MTV's The Hills, I teamed up with Kerry and Kiel at Brown Sugar Apple Grunt and made an irreverent docu-soap about 4 misfits trying to 'make it' in Auckland's (NZ) tiny entertainment industry - a male model (Millen Baird), a dwarf entertainer (Jimmy James), a stuntman (Glen Levy) and a stand up comic (Fasitua Amosa​In 2011, the series gained a loyal following on, before making a successful transition to TV One for season 2.

“Setting a bold new standard for New Zealand comedy” - The New Zealand Herald.


Directors:  Millen Baird, John Argall, Owen Black

Screenwriters:  Millen Baird, John Argall, Owen Black

Genre:  Comedy


Back in 2013, I teamed up with Owen Black (Netherwood, Darryl, Shortland Street) and John Argall (Auckland DazeDarryl) to film a no budget web series (15 x 4 mins) on 2 Panasonic handycams.


Leeway follows a socially starved loner, Lee Firth (Millen Baird), who is forced to find a flatmate (Owen Black) after his psychotic neighbor demands he pay half the cost of a newly erected fence.


The show went live in 2018. Check out for the entire series.



Directors:  Kiel MacNaughton

Screenwriters:  Millen Baird/John Argall

Genre:  Comedy

Darryl follows a hopeless marathon runner (Millen Baird) who keeps collapsing mid race from dehydration.  Crippled with self-doubt and haunted by a pessimistic voice in his head, Darryl enrols in an 8 day Outward Bound course to give him the strength to compete in another marathon.​ The 10 episode web series premiered on TVNZ on Demand in March 2017.


"a rare comedy gem" - The New Zealand Herald

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Directors:  Siobhan Marshall/Millen Baird

Screenwriter:  Siobhan Marshall/Millen Baird

Animator:  Siobhan Marshall

Genre:  Animated Comedy Series

​In 2018, Vorny and I drew on our IVF experience and created a 10 episode animated sperm series for TVNZ about a slow sperm, Pete, trying to make it to the egg.

The series is also on Youtube.

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