In Development


Director:  Millen Baird

Screenwriter:  Millen Baird, John Argall, Siobhan Marshall

Genre:  C​omedy​


In April, we started developing the script for Darryl 2. It's pretty epic and sees hopeless marathon runner Darryl venturing into the realm of multi-sport.


After Darryl wins the Bulls marathon in just under 4 hours, he's called out by a drunk farmer for being a 'tall fish in a small pond'. Darryl suffers another crisis of confidence and decides to take on the legendary Beach to Snow multi-sport event to win back some respect and silence the demonic Voice in his head. He tracks down his old Outward Bound mentor and asks him to coach him, before reuniting with his old Outward Bound alumni who reluctantly agree to act as his support crew.


Director:  Millen Baird

Screenwriters:  Millen Baird, John Argall

Genre:  C​omedy​/Drama


John and I are developing a comedy series that follows a group of ‘mad men’ who've each been court ordered to attend a 12-week Anger Management course in Auckland.


Through pathos and humour, the men will journey to discover their masculine identity and battle in their own unique way to place their angst in context to the society that has condemned them, while a hardened 50-year-old social worker attempts to control the volatile and testosterone fueled room.

(Photo to the left courtesy of the film '12 ANGRY MEN')


After a 6 month hiatus, we're about to relaunch our IVF/Parenting blog site


The site features a slew of blogs from Vorny's and my perspective about the trials and tribulations of conceiving an IVF kid. We took a break around the time Remy Rose was born, but now we're bringing the site back with a raft of new content, including our alter ego's, Brian 'n Bronwyn, 2 tracksuit wearing Aussies bursting with new ideas and unorthodox parenting tips.

Stay tuned!

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